Stephane Goddard is an observer full of curiosity and mischief who has moved through the heart of active and urban Parisian society. The images he creates, transforms and hijacks according to his
inspiration, his voyages and his encounters make him an artist both irreverent and offbeat. Influenced by American comics, the works of Bacon, Vélasquez and Hugo Pratt, he finds inspiration in the novels of John Fante, the cinema of David Lynch and the universe of the Cohen brothers.
He is obsessed by the image that packs a punch. The world of fashion in which he moves with ease allows him to express a style that is very personal, light, audacious and always visionary. Though
he turns his remarkable gaze towards many different universes, sport remains his primary source of inspiration. Synonymous as it is with survival, balance and pleasure in daily creativity, it also nourishes
his professional imagination. It isn’t by chance that one of his most famous feat of arms is the Adidas campaign, «La Victoire est en nous» (The Victory is within us) in 1998.
The world of major advertising agencies holds no secrets from him: for many years he has been one of the most sought-after artistic directors around. His present career of illustrator and designer has opened doors to the most important publications in France, including Libération, ELLE, Les Inrocks, Ware, Epokand Télérama. Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, Citadium, Club Med and Roxy have regularly called upon his talents.
Most recently, he has been the artistic director responsible for the entire visual identity of Klay, the very successful Parisian sports club opened in September 2009 by the Benzaquen brothers.­­­­

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